Industrial and Mining, a business unit of ChemSystems, has been a fixture of the chemical and mining industries for over 5 decades. It serves a large customer base, which includes mining, general industry and manufacturing, steel and power generation, automotive, marine, petrochemical, transport, fire protection as well as PVC, polyolefin and rubber manufacturing and converting industries.The business holds supply contracts with most major mining houses in South Africa and supplies a large number of key entities in our different industries.

Key focus areas at customers include performance improvement, energy saving initiatives and maintenance reduction. Our service platform provides peace of mind through process maintenance and monitoring using professional reports and recommendations to achieve desired results.

Besides a solid performance history and expansive product offering, we add further value to customers through strategic relationships and value added services as follows:

  • A team of extremely skilled and dedicated technical sales and service representatives ready to assist with any query or provide ongoing after sales service;
  • Well-equipped and staffed technical development laboratories with product development and application specialists;
  • A well-established country wide and expanding African distribution footprint;
  • A network of global technology partners that are leaders in their respective fields.

ChemSystems is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 18001:2007 certified and is a Level 4 BBBEE contributor and exceeds the requirements of the mining charter where black ownership is concerned.

ChemSystems is aware of its environmental footprint and apart from offering “green” technology, is also a signatory to Responsible Care Pledge.


Products Applications Contact Name  
Aircraft specialty chemicals Airframe, engine and cabin maintenance products    
Non-destructive testing Visible and fluorescent dye penetrants and magnetic particle materials Mason Naidoo  
Anodising chemicals A range of products used in the anodising of aluminium    
Phosphating chemicals Spray and dip applications, zinc and iron phosphates Mason Naidoo  
Breather systems For industrial use on fuel tanks or lubrication systems    
Emulsion resins/stabilisers PVC products including pipes, profiles, cable, hose, sheet and film    
Epoxidised soyabean oil (ESO) Plasticiser and co-stabiliser for PVC    
High-performance industrial lubricants Improved operating efficiency in industrial and mining applications    
Polyurethane and bonding agents Rubber to metal bonding, roller covering    
Release agents Tyre and re-treading industries    
Specialist additives Polyolefins, PVC, engineering plastics and rubber Pierre Mans  
Fire-fighting compounds Wetting agents, Synthetic class A and B as well as AFFF for polar and nonpolar-resistant applications    
Marine chemicals Deck maintenance, water treatment and oil spill dispersants. Andre Schutte  
Industrial cleaners, paint strippers and carbon removers Alkaline, solvent and acid cleaners for specialised use in industrial and institutional applications Marinus Scott  
Institutional products Products for use by contract cleaners in Hotels, Hostels and Restaurants Lizette Hall  
Vehicle care products Cleaning, polishing and general care of vehicles Marinus Scott  
Pressing lubricants and fire resistant hydraulic fluids Metal cutting, cold forming and stamping Elliott Mukwevho  
Wire drawing lubricants Dry lubricant used in drawing rod and wire Craig Rea  


Environmentally friendly degreasers and detergents

Decarbonisers and paintstrippers

Institutional products

Metal treatment products  – Phosphating, fluxes and anodizing

Metal working products – Pressing lubricants, cutting oils and fire resistant hydraulic fluids

Fire fighting foams

Gold recovery enhancement agents

PVC stabilisers


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Thabo MakhanyaSales Manager