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Leather Technologies


Product Range Application
Soaking To restore moisture lost during curing and storage, reversing hide to fresh state. Removal of contaminants and excess fat
Biocides To protect freshly flayed hides/skins against microbial attack and degradation. To protect hides/skins during the soaking process.
Liming To remove hair, wool and epidermis. To open hide fibre bundles for tanning.
Degreasers To remove excess fats and grease from hides/skins
Deliming/Bating To neutralise and remove lime. Enzymatic treatment softens and further conditions the hide for tannage
Fat liquors Softening of wet blue and lubrication of fibres
Tanning Chrome complexant for low- salt and acid processes
Basifying Raise the pH to fix chrome
Fungicides To prevent the growth of fungi during storage
Tannery Maintenance Felt cleaners, Lime scale removal
Other Speciality Products Defoamers
Commodity Products A range of commodity products, which are used in the Beamhouse, are also offered