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Paper Technologies



Product Range Application
Contaminant Control The control of wet end and machine clothing deposits, using Detac® and Zenix® technologies
Microbiological Control Paper and water loop circuit control using Biosperse® and Spectrum® technologies. This is further complimented by the BioBond® technology, preserving and fixating raw starch within the paper process for recycled mills, thereby reducing COD, increasing strength and fibre yield, whilst disinfecting the process
Sizing Agents A complete range of internal and surface sizing agents, applying the Prequel (ASA), Precis and Aquapel (AKD) and impress (Surface size) technology.
Defoamers (Pulp and Paper) Control of surface foam and entrained air utilising an availability of in-house and Solenis technology.
Pulping Additives De-Resination and Wash Aids to enhance pulp quality, optimise digester performance and plant throughput.
Dry and Wet Strength Aids An offering of internal cationic starch, dry and wet strength resins, as well as modified amines, to enhance all paper, board and tissue strength requirements. This is further complimented by the BioBond® technology to preserve and fixate raw starch within the paper process.
Dyes and Optical Brightening Agents A range of Direct and Basic dyes as well as a full complement of Optical Brightening Agents to enhance sheet appearance.
Retention and Drainage Aids The complete range of Solenis technology, including PERFORM and OPTIFILL programs, enhanced with in-house charge control additives, to optimise machine performance, sheet formation, fibre retention and enable elevated filler retention.
Tissue Additives Yankee coating chemicals, including Softeners and Debonders
Water Treatment A wide range of coagulants and flocculants, as well as measuring technology to comprehensively control water systems and address COD within the paper industry
Enzymatic Technology An alternative and innovative means to enhance strength and save energy.